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I had the idea for this site a couple of years ago. My other half worked as a rep and it was his job to travel all over Scotland. Sometimes I would go with him and we've drive about through all these little towns, through the nooks and crannies that people don't usually get to. And I was amazed at how much there was to see. Considering I've lived in Scotland for almost my whole life it was embarrassing how little of it I'd actually seen. So our trips became great journeys into the unknown, taking interesting turn-offs, following intriguing signs. We didn't really follow a plan or a map, just wandered around to see what there was to see, and we saw a lot. On every trip we'd find a cute little place with some nice shopfronts, or some interesting architecture or a charming old park and it seemed that for every place where someone said "There's nothing to see" we found something - a sort of accidental tourism.

So I started to write about some of the places on I like and posted the photos on Flickr and it turns out other people liked them too. It got people going places and recommending other places to try and I thought that with its own space it could grow into something pretty useful. I know that every time I'm planning a trip I'd like a site like this.

So come in, have a look round and get involved - leave a comment or tell us about a place to go. Join the Flickr group or sign up for the mailing list. But most of all, have a good trip.


A great idea for a website. We need to find out about this little known places that still exist. Hoping for some new ideas for days out in Cheshire as we seem to have exhausted most of them but sure there are many we havent found out about!

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