Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust, Glasgow

Vintage buses, Glasgow

For some buses are an unnecessary evil – late, overcrowded and filthy, but for others they’re a way of life. The bus enthusiasts of Glasgow have taken over the former Bridgeton Bus Garage and turned it into the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust. Make your way inside the huge doors to find a shed full of beautiful old buses – all shapes and sizes, and an overflow area out the back for vintage fire engines, more buses and a rather bizarre home-made Glasgow rickshaw consisting of a sofa with two bikes stuck to the front.

Taking a look round it’s almost impossible not to be transported back to your youth, wherever and whenever that was. Although the Routemaster has become the megastar of the bygone bus world it’s the green and orange Glasgow Corporation double deckers that take me back. The length and breadth of Britain is represented with buses from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Blackpool, London and further afield. If you’re lucky you might get a chance to get on board and sit in the driver’s seat. Who can resist a shot at the big wheel?

For visitors who are pretty vintage themselves the buses of their youth might be some of the beautifully restored old coaches – wonderful colours, beautiful logos and the odd crank handle on the front. For all the buses that have been brought back to life there are plenty that have seen better days, waiting for a little TLC.

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To get in you usually need to join the trust, but we had a look round on one of their open days when the garage was packed with men of a certain age, going slightly dewy-eyed at the sight of so many vintage vehicles in one place. There is a good dose of healthy nostalgia with a dash of scary obsession thrown in. The book stalls give a hint of exactly how much there is to know about old modes of transport – there are no end of books about vintage buses, arranged by company, make, model and location. Then the same for tramways and a whole host of ephemera – timetables, driver’s badges, even headlamps.

For the open days transport is arranged between the Transport Museum in Glasgow’s West End, the city centre and the garage – on vintage buses, natch. The rest of the year they travel in style to retro locations like Carnforth and Whitley Bay. In the longer term the trust's aim is to develop as a "centre of excellence" for vintage vehicle restoration and preservation, with regular opening hours which should make it easier for every to get on board.

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How to get there

Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust is at 76-136 Fordneuk St, Bridgeton in the east end of Glasgow. It is near Bridgeton Station, and within walking distance of Glasgow City Centre. Google map.


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