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Apologies for the lack of entries lately - work and travel (to some places which will be appearing here soon) is getting in the way of actually writing anything.

So in the meantime, here's a photo from the Nothing To See Here Flickr pool. For those that don't know, Flickr is a photo-sharing website. It's one of the best websites around - and pools collect photos by different photographers on a particular subject. In this case, anything that fits in with the Nothing To See Here ethos. This wonderful picture was taken by NancyO and shows a rather unpicturesque scene from the town of Concrete. Nancy describes the town thus:

Concrete is a town of 790 people in Skagit County. You would probably only stop there to gape at this thing and get gas on Hwy 20 on your way to the North Cascades and Winthrop. The actual town which is a detour off the highway, is kind of cute in a depressed kind of way.

Sounds right up NTSH's street. There are some other Flickr groups that might be of interest:

...and lots, lots more. If you aren't a Flickr member signing up is free, and easy so do join the club if you're out and about with your camera.

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