2006 end of year round-up

Mondial House demolished

Nothing To See Here has only been going for 8 months of 2006 but there have been lots of great places to go.

To recap, our contributors have spotted:

Plus a few places that are uncategorisable as there really is nothing to see: Dungeness, Malhamdale and Lud's Church.

And we've had to say goodbye to some old friends. Mondial House, hated by many but loved by our readers lost its battle with the planners and the Wicker Man's legs in Burrowhead were cut down by vandals. There was good news though when Antony Gormley's Another Place got a reprieve and was allowed to stay on Crosby Beach.

We're always looking for new material so if you find a place you love do think of writing an article. Here's to lots more Nothing To See in 2007.

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