Mablethorpe Crazy Golf, Lincolnshire

Mablethorpe Crazy Golf

I’ve heard there are families that don’t stop at every crazy golf course they see when driving around the country. I’ve heard about them but I’m not sure they exist. How would they fill their seaside days if they’re not knocking golf balls through windmills, houses and into top hats? I just can’t imagine. Anyway. Suffice to say that we are quite the crazy golf connoisseurs and you should believe us when we assert that this crazy golf course in Mablethorpe is as close to perfection as you’ll ever find. Well worth traversing the barren nothingness of Lincolnshire to get there.

As you’ll know from your extensive experience of crazy golf courses, there’s an increasing tendency for course owners to get some off-the-shelf, plastic holes from a warehouse somewhere, blot them to a bit of concrete and call it a top-flight course. We’re always disappointed by this approach. We’ll always play on them but there’s nothing as exciting as a truly individual home-made course like this one. It’s not just amusements, it’s folk art. The colours, the ideas and the friendliness make it a lovely place to spend half an hour.

Our favourite hole is probably the enormous Humber Bridge, a vast hole which provides a challenge for even the most skilled minigolfer. But you can’t fault the house with boots and a moustache, the fat boy or the cannon. And the coup de gras is of course the final hole which will squirt water at you when you get your ball in. Genius. Andy Miller in his marvelous book Tilting At Windmills, chronicles his time attempting to get good at crazy golf. He visits a lot of courses. And he shares our enthusiasm declaring Mablethorpe Crazy Golf to be ‘the best in the country’.

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How to get there

Mablethorpe Crazy Golf is in the town centre, on the coast near the Dunes Theatre and the main Sand Train stop. Mablethorpe itself is on the Lincolnshire coast 16 miles north of Skegness. Google map.



Barren nothingness?!? I live in Lincolnshire and.. see your point.

Cleethorpes seems to be doing well mini-golf wise at the minute. I believe there are now three courses. One is a bit rubbish and too near the road, one is the 'Arnold Palmer' one with a proper windmill, but might have shut down. The third is brand spanking new one, depicting landmarks of the area including Grimsby Dock Tower, a Humber Fort and Waltham Windmill.

I hav only visited MAblethorpe in December before now, but am going in summer so will check out this ace mini-golf course.

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