Docwras Rock Factory, Great Yarmouth

Docwras Rock Factory, Great Yarmouth

Of all the seaside towns in all the world, the biggest rock shop has to be in one of them, and it’s Great Yarmouth. It’s only fitting that a resort so unashamed of its dedication to traditional leisure and pleasure throws healthy eating to the wind and gets down to the serious business of getting rock right.

It’s not completely clear what kind of competition Docwras Rock Factory has for the “Biggest rock shop” title, although a couple of other establishments in Regent Road look like they’re thinking of having a go. Although the shopfront is relatively modest they’re not exactly hiding their light under a bushel with the enormous neon sign saying “The World’s Largest Rock Shop” running right down one side of the interior.

And indeed, it’s big. One side is taken up with lots and lots of rock. All shapes. All sizes. All flavours. There’s everything – banana, raspberry, coffee, strawberries and cream, aniseed, different types of mint, and they come with almost anything stamped through the middle. Towards the back, beside the novelty shapes like baby’s dummies and fried breakfasts made of rock there’s even a “naughty section” with some genuinely eye watering things to put in your mouth.

Docwras is a family run business that has been making rock and other sweets for over 100 years. They’re quite happy to share the expertise of their “rock and rollers”. At the other side of the shop, beside a huge pipe painted rock pink another huge sign says “See Yarmouth Rock Made Here” with a sign showing the time of the next demo. Sadly, I missed it. Seeing as they make 80,000 sticks of rock every week it shouldn’t be long before another one comes along.

See Yarmouth Rock Made Here

And it's not just for holidays. You can get rock for all kinds of special occasions. Getting married? Why not get the name of the happy couple stamped through a stick of rock? They've thought of everything, even making black rock for the last eclipse.

In case you think Docwras might be a one-trick pony there’s another section with a huge sign saying CHOCOLATES above a fantastic selection of hand-made chocolates. There’s something to suit every palate unless of course you don’t have a sweet tooth. In which case, there really is nothing to see here.

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How to get there

Docwras Rock Factory is at 13 Regent Road, Great Yarmouth NR30 2AF. This is the main street that runs from Britannia Pier up to the main shopping precinct. It is a few doors up from fellow NTSH attraction Louis Tussaud’s House of Wax which also shouldn't be missed.

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