Nothing To See Here on the radio

Nothing To See Here got a nice mention on the Steve Wright programme on BBC Radio 2 yesterday. Miles Mendoza chose it as his Website of the Day and enlightened the listeners with the following highlights from the site:

If you listen again it's around 2:45 minutes in. Anyone new dropping by as a result of all this media attention - hello and welcome. Feel free to have a look round, leave a comment or even suggest a place to go. Anyone can write an article - just write 250 words on a place you love, send in a photo and off we go. We always need new suggestions, anywhere in the world as long as it's interesting and a little bit special.

One last thing - I lost some suggestions a while ago (email crash) so if you sent something in and didn't hear back please get in touch again. All suggestions gratefully received.

Nothing To See Here



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