Most read in 2007

Tam Shepherd's Trick Shop window

As another year draws to a close, here are Nothing To See Here's most popular places in 2007:

  1. Tam Shepherd's Trick Shop, Glasgow
  2. Tobacco Dock. London
  3. Electric Brae, Ayrshire
  4. Blackgang Chine, Isle of Wight
  5. David Mach's Train, Darlington
  6. Tuptim Shrine, Bangkok
  7. Louis Tussaud's House of Wax, Great Yarmouth
  8. Meikleour Beech Hedge, Perthshire
  9. Anthony Gormley's Another Place, Crosby
  10. Polish War Memorial, Northolt

In 2007 NTSH branched out to Thailand, Slovenia and Syria; attracted 6 new travellers (welcome Jasia, Todd, Dan, Owen, Rosalyn and David P) and got a mention on national radio.

We'll be going to new places in 2008 but always need more ideas. So please keep reading, commenting and writing so these great places get the recognition they deserve.

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