Rumbling Bridge, Perthshire

Rumbling Bridge, Perthshire

The place marked "Rumbling Bridge" on my map intrigued me for so long that eventually I had to take a look. Not particularly convenient for anywhere else in deepest Perthshire, it's a bit of an adventure. Often these places can be a bit of a let down, I was fully prepared for somewhere that didn't have a bridge, nevermind a rumbling one, but there it is - true to its name.

Rumbling Bridge is unusual in two ways - firstly there are two bridges. The original was built in 1713 by William Gray, a local stonemason. Another was added over the top in 1816, to make a picturesque double bridge. The second remarkable thing is the noise. At first I couldn't hear anything different, but then I realised that my ears couldn’t be hearing heavy traffic or a passing jet after all. Instead, this is the famous rumble.

Looking down 120ft from the viewing platform it's pretty clear where the noise comes from. There's a huge drop into a narrow gorge where the River Devon comes thundering down at great speed from the Cauldron Falls. It's pretty dramatic.

Once you’re there there's a wooden walkway with viewing platforms that take you along past the falls to the Devil's Mill - a deep pool of water that feeds the dramatic falls. A U-shaped walk along one bank, across the bridge and back up the other side takes about 20 minutes and is easily negotiable provided you don't mind a lot of stairs.

Although Rumbling Bridge was once a thriving Victorian holiday destination it's a quiet place now and there's nothing much to see in the village. However it's worth dropping in for tea and cakes at the nearby Powmill Milk Bar.

How to get there

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Rumbling Bridge is on the A823, just off the A977 near the Yetts Of Muckart. It is well signposted. The only car parking available is at the side of the road.



If looking for parking don't be put off by the old folks home. They have all but taken over the public car park to the rear of their building for staff. There is a large public map of the site at rear of building but you could be forgiven for thinking is private and part of nursing home. They have put unwelcoming signs at front car park which may make you think rear is too, BUT it isn't.

Well worth a visit!

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