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The curator is Anne, who lives in Glasgow and writes about places and other things at I like.


Andrew is a writer from Norfolk.

Annie C describes herself as a retired old English bird resident in New Zealand since 1962.

Ben is Nothing To See Here's south coast correspondent.

Ben Cowell is an animator and enjoys fireside chats, red wine and long country walks. He's looking to meet a likeminded girl with GSOH.

Dan Eastwell works at the internet's face as a web-miner, although he would like to have more time to 'do' his art.

Daniel drives like an old lady and screams like a girl.

David P is a vegetarian under-achiever who holds Oliver Postgate in the highest regard. He hates what has happened to some museums lately, and is a militant idealist. Perhaps surprisingly, he is happily married with two young children.

Doctor Boogie has been taking pictures for 20 years, working mainly in black and white, with experiments in colour. He lives and works in Kent.

Emma is from Glasgow and likes food, drink, photography and travelling (in that order!).

FP is always trying to find hidden surprises in everyday life, and to spot small things that noone else notices. He is turning 30, and owns a camera, a big pile of books, and all his own teeth and hair.

Fruitcake is a freelance illustrator from Munich.

Gareth is a Yorkshire-born magazine designer, often to be seen bumbling around East London on an elderly Vespa.

Gavin is an amateur explorer and keen walker living on a croft on Skye.

Ian is trying and failing to think of something witty to go here.

Jasia is a guinea pig owning, tap dancing web designer from south-east London who likes to drink ale and do cross stitch in her spare time.

Kate is a freelance illustrator and designer who lives by the sea in Morecambe.

Kate P is a librarian and lives in London.

Maraid is a web designer living in Yorkshire. She likes to explore and spends far too much time posting images online.

Maurice is an aspiring ne'er-do-well and writer living in South East London. He supports the charity Future Sri Lanka.

Owen lives in London and also appears at Sit Down Man, You're A Bloody Tragedy, The Measures Taken and Kino Fist.

Rebecca makes exceedingly good cakes at Flying Monkey in Philadelphia.

Rich hails from Cardiff, Wales.

Rob is a freelance teacher and performing arts coordinator (amongst other things) living in Derbyshire. His quest: to solve the mystery of living in the present - finding the extraordinary in the everyday.

Rob K. finds travel broadens the mind, even if the trips are short ones. Currently living in Atlanta, GA, he has also called Las Vegas and New Orleans home.

Rosalyn researches (ie. rummages) in dingy museum stores for a living, whilst wandering through the wilds, both near and far, for pleasure.

Russell is a mild-mannered account planner with a side interest in fry-ups and characterful cafes.

Todd Franklin is a collectibles dealer, writer, artist and the Mayor of Neato Coolville.

Tom lives in Leeds, and enjoys reading, taking pictures and being outdoors. GSOH essential

Trevira is a research student, recovering collector and compulsive shutterbug living in Manchester.


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