How to submit to Nothing To See Here

Anyone can write for Nothing to See Here and we are always looking for new contributions or suggestions.

What kind of places are we looking for?

There aren't any limits on what can go in. It could be a building, a museum, a shop, cafe, tourist attraction, town, village, monument, relic, oddity, road, view. Anything as long as it fits in with what the site is about. If it's worth going to see then it's in. It can be anywhere in the world.

See also Calls for submissions and Wanted! Articles on the following.

What's the format?

You can get an idea of the format by looking at some of the existing entries. All we're really looking for is:

  • 200-500 words on the place - an "ink polaroid" type of thing which paints a picture with as much description as you can cram in
  • a decent photo - if you have a Flickr account all the better as we can use photos from there. If not, no problem, we can work something out
  • anything visitors might need to know about getting there
  • links to relevant websites if there are any

Where should you send it?

To submit something, or discuss submissions contact the Editor -


Nothing To See Here